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Sharing in the #SuperBowl Social Media


Don’t fight over social media followers, join in! It’s 6:00 pm EST and the big game is on. Time to party, no?

During the Super Bowl is a great way for you to engage with your online followers about the plays, show support for your team, give your opinion on the commercials, or tweet about rockin’ out to the half-time show. Please are already talking about (these) commercials for Super Bowl 50.

Fun Facts: What hashtags or keywords are trending now on Twitter? Well, #SuperBowlSunday has a whopping 117K Tweets! Two hours ago #SuperBowlSunday had 63.2K Tweets. #PuppyBowl has 28K Tweets now and #KittenBowl has 21.1K Tweets already, which is up from 11.2K tweets just two hours ago. Nearly 10,000 tweets with #KittenBowl in just two hours.

Lessons learned from Super Bowl 49 include: “if you want to use a commercial to drive conversation across social media, the spot should be designed for that and could include a hashtag as a call-to-action. I'm so happy to see that brands have realized there is no need to place logos of social platforms at the end of a spot," says Jason Stein, founder of the social media agency Laundry Service.

So what can you do with all this social media activity and how do you utilize, capture and monetize!?  Popular topics in the form of hashtags offer a great opportunity for brands to join a larger conversation. By surfacing the top hashtags used by the Panthers and Broncos fans, brands and fans can join the trending topics together. For fans or brands looking to join the conversation during the game these are popular hashtags:


Click here for other top hashtags to use. Check out which ads “won” Super Bowl last year here (10 ‘Brands’ That Won the Super Bowl on Social Media). For your SuperBowl 2016 keep these three steps in mind:

1. Identify the audience you want to target
2. Understand what they’re interested in – and how they are discussing those interests
3. Kick back and join your team in the celebration with a snack or beer.


One last thing, here is a tip that will also help your efforts to share and engage with your audience and the fans: on Facebook, you can grow your followers by going to another fan page, community or business page within your same niche that has high traffic on it. Then like others’ comments and reply to their comments. This shows your support and an interaction with that person. You can like 1000 comments in ten minutes. We are curious people and we want to know “why does this person like my comment?”. So, then that person will click on your profile and be taken to your page … if they are interested in your content then they will click “Like” on your business page as well (watch a video that shows this to learn more). You can also ‘like’ and reply to comments on others’ Twitter, Instagram, and other social media profiles as well.

Enjoy the game! Enjoy tweeting, posting and commenting while you’re partying or getting’ comfy on a cozy couch. 

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