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A Google Checklist For Your Website

BY COGO Interactive on Feb 16, 2017 / IN
According to Google, there are 4 criteria that you need to meet to increase your SEO,..

Web Design is more about “Marketing” than Design

Web design is more about how you attract the right visitors than it is about how your website..

Multimedia Is Important in Online Marketing

BY COGO Interactive on Feb 2, 2017 / IN
The word "dynamic" describes today's online experience! The early days of the web featured..

How to Get Those All-Important Testimonials

BY Daniel Gilliland CPA on Jan 25, 2017 / IN

These days, consumers rely more and more on the social aspects of research when they're..

Google Analytics and Social Media Metrics

 Your social media and website presence should be integrated with one another in order to..

7 Things to Be Grateful For in Your Business

BY COGO Interactive on Nov 22, 2016 / IN

The turkey has long been a symbol of thanksgiving and abundance and the cornucopia is..

Dieting + Your Business: 1 Common Principle

BY COGO Interactive on Nov 4, 2016 / IN
What does losing weight or healthy eating have to do with marketing your business online?

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate leaders are effective leaders. CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, is one who..