The COGO Process

At COGO, we’ve learned to harness the power of online and offline marketing strategies to give our clients the edge they need to succeed. We provide an integrated approach when designing lead development marketing plans and our process is simple but powerful:

Phase 1 – Determine goals, target audience and design strategy.serv.png

Phase 2 – Optimize website for improved search results (SEO).

Phase 3 – Drive targeted leads using social media, email, PPC, etc.

Phase 4 – Convert visitors to leads.

Phase 5 – Track results and report findings.

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  • “Over the last year we hired Peg as a all around SEO expert to achieve higher rankings within the search engines. She has proven to be a whole lot more. Peg is an invaluable asset to us; generating positive results for our company. We have seen a drastic improvement in our online visibility and we are all much more focused on the goals ahead. Working with Peg has been a absolute pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone. I personally look forward to working with her in the future.”

    Jon West, Director of Marketing, LC Technologies
  • “Peg is one of my all time favorite people. Not only is she a subject matter expert in Social Media, I can testify that on a daily basis, she actually implements the principles she teaches within her own company and with her clients. Peg epitomizes the consummate professional of grassroots marketing. She has defined her local market, rises to the top of each organization in which she participates, and makes everyone around her better, whether they attend one of her workshops or just chat with her for a few minutes. In short, she is one of my heroes, and although, I give out praise very sparingly, she has my highest recommendation.”


    President at Homeland Tech\Owner of PostNet Vienna
  • “Peg McDermott and Cogo Interactive are an invaluable assets to our business. Her knowledge of marketing through social media is second to none. Her is ability to relay the importance of implementing a social media marketing strategy is extremely convincing. More importantly, she relays how to implement the strategy in a straight forward, “non-techie” format. We are more than proud to call Peg and Cogo Interactive a valued business partner.”

    Scott Jedlinski, VP of Sales , Option 1Title
  • “Peg is an extremely capable individual who understands both the art and science of marketing. Those that are fortunate to work with her can be assured that she’ll leverage her superior marketing skillsto develop unique solutions designed to solve real business issues and/or deliver exceptional results. Peg is a true asset and I look forward to working with her again.”

    Stephen White, Vice President, Marketing & IT Aronson & Company
  • “Peg does an excellent job from the first meeting with a client to the entire execution of the project. I have recommended her to several of my clients and each one has been very pleased with her work, her prices and her ability to know what needs to be done to increase their marketing presence. If you haven’t been working with Peg I strongly encourage you to do so and find out how much more business you can attract!.”

    Joan Fletcher, President, Winning Ways, Inc.
  • Thank you for your assistance during our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. You were instrumental in elevanting the Company’s web site on the internet and having a much greater success with web site hits from organic searches. Your knowledge concerning adding new web site content (i.e. how to and what type) was invaluable. Additionally your work and guidance was very helpful to our administrative staff in the complete process along with interfacing with our web developer to ensure a more professional and inviting look and feel for our website. You also were very helpful in guiding the administrative staff in choosing and signing up for the most advantageous directories which have helped drive additional web traffic to our website. Your help and guidance allowed my Company to change the website from a static almost billboard like presence to an interactive revenue generating asset. We have already had new clients find us via the website and I am sure this will continue in the future. Please feel free to use this recommendation for your company Cogo Interactive and/or have your client prospects call me to discuss my experience.

    Daniel Gilliland CPA, President, Gilliland & Associates, PC
  • “From the moment Rob Menefee, President of Flooring America/FA Design Build, and I met with Peg from COGO, we were impressed with her knowledge of marketing, website development and SEO. We had met with several other companies, but not one of them presented themselves like COGO! In the short time we have worked together, Peg and her team of experts have improved our positioning, provided us with “real” documentation that shows our progress and have gone above and beyond to develop a marketing plan. I believe COGO is the best in the business.”

    LaTanya Montes, Vice President, FA Design Build/Flooring America
  • “Peg’s attention to detail, intuitive and effective responses to challenging obstacles and unwavering dedication to her clients is truly what sets her apart. She is a rare person who not only has an incomparable expertise and knowledge in her field, but who also invests her time into the education and enrichment of others. Peg understands what’s at the heart of leadership: to lead in service over her own self interests. Peg genuinely cares about her business relationships and will go above and beyond to make sure you are a success as well.”

    Mylene Thomas, Director of Business Development, FA Design Build
  • “Peg and her team at COGO Interactive was responsible for converting and redesigning our new website to a mobile friendly, WordPress site and making sure the back end is correct for SEO purposes. They worked tirelessly to make it perfect and are very customer focused. They guided me through the learning phases of WordPress and provided sage business and marketing advice at the same time. Other companies who I compared them with didn’t seem dedicated to the client’s end goal, like Cogo is.”

    Ellen Kandell, President of Alternative Resolutions
  • “COGO Interactive has been our web marketing and SEO partner since February of 2012 and we could not be happier with their services. In addition to coding support, website optimization and weekly blogging, Peg and the team at COGO have served as a resource to Four Sales. Of all their services, the blog authoring has had the most measurable impact on our success. The weekly blogging support has helped cement Four Sales’ reputation as a subject matter expert in collectibles and the purchase/sale of 2nd hand property. COGO has consistently provided capable writers who understand the message, style and format of the material we want to deliver our readers. Thank you Peg McDermott and COGO for your excellent support! ”

    Daniel Sanders, President Four Sales Ltd.
  • “Peg is clearly an expert in the social marketing realm. We enjoyed working with Peg and her staff to update our website and plug us into the social marketing world. We were never able to tie everything together ourselves. Peg put together a plan and coached us through implementation. She has creative ideas and delivers on time for good value vs cost. The best part is that she has set us up so that we can handle most of our online marketing maintenance in-house to keep costs down. We have her on an inexpensive maintenance plan for the few things that are over our heads technically. Let Peg organize you and get your social marketing rolling!”

    Patrick Readyhough, President, Pond Roofing
  • “Peg has been an instrumental partner in helping us revive and refine our social media program. From audience analysis to site integration, content strategy development and program evaluation, her skills and expertise have been essential to our success. With her team’s help our followers have tripled and our level of engagement is at all time high.”

    Gwen Parson, Senior Vice President, Nomadic Display
  • “Peg is an expert in her field. She is consistent, reliable and delivers results. Social networking can be daunting, but Peg takes over and explains where you are going and why throughout. She has certainly improved our web performance and appearance.”

    Betsy Pond, Pond Roofing
  • “What can I say! I fought doing any more web promotion after bad results with two other companies. Peg convinced me to try it “her” way and the results have been staggering! The business that Undercover Printer is receiving from our online presence is more than we are getting from all the networking, referrals and advertising – combined. It really does work when it is done correctly. Thank you Peg and COGO Interactive!”

    Amy Zydel, CEO, Undercover Printer, Inc