"New LinkedIn" changes?

February 22, 2017 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment

LinkedIn's new interface and upcoming changes may not surprise you, but you will notice them. It will happen sometime in 2017. The redesigned website is meant to bring LinkedIn's desktop experience more in line with its mobile app. 

The main changes are to the look and feel. It will cleaner and has more responsive and easier to navigate features, including better search features. There are also some features that they are retiring:

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A Google Checklist For Your Website

February 15, 2017 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment
According to Google, there are 4 criteria that you need to meet to increase your SEO, searchability, and how your potential customer can find you online.
1. Informative and useful content: what other webpages/profiles are ranking in Google for the keywords you want to rank for? How does the design, look and feel, and SEO of your website compare? What information do those sites have that you may be missing?  
2. Credible: ways to build your credibility online are to build relationships and share comments and articles on other credible websites/profiles and display your awards and logos (i.e. BBB or Angie’s List Accredited badges).

3. Write well: do you have typos or incorrect facts and stats? Google does not rank websites that are poorly written.  

4. Engaging content: would your target audience want to bookmark your webpage, share it, recommend it, or submit a comment? Think about this or discuss your ideas with a friend, industry expert, and/or business partner for added insight, perspective, and feedback.

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Web Design is more about “Marketing” than Design

February 08, 2017 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment
Web design is more about how you attract the right visitors than it is about how your website looks and feels. Don’t get me wrong however, the usability and flow of your website IS important. Though, marketing is where you need to focus your efforts, consistently review upcoming trends, and re-invent.
Web marketing is about developing powerful communication strategies using all of the popular social/niche media channels to drive traffic and generate qualified leads. It can include a social media marketing program, search engine optimization, research, integration … even how your business seems to appear and be marketed on LinkedIn.
Who strong is your website marketing? Find out what your score is here: and let us know.

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Multimedia Is Important in Online Marketing

February 01, 2017 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment
The word "dynamic" describes today's online experience! The early days of the web featured mostly static pages with lots of text and not much else. Though, the websites you see now are bursting with information of all kinds, with a lot of two-way interaction and audience engagement. The advent of multimedia, of course, has played a huge role in this evolution. As media quality has improved, things like images, video, and even live streaming have become not only possible, but commonplace.
Multimedia is everywhere nowadays. Intelligent marketers understand the need for incorporating a fair amount of multimedia into online marketing strategies. Even the smallest businesses with the simplest goals can still benefit from including multimedia as part of their campaigns.
Tip for small businesses: doing this can also open you up to a whole new level of engaging with potential customers.

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How to Get Those All-Important Testimonials

January 25, 2017 by Sample HubSpot User Leave a Comment


These days, consumers rely more and more on the social aspects of research when they're considering where to spend their money. In other words, recommendations from real people can mean as much or more to them than advertisements or other marketing campaigns. Testimonials are a great way to show that people find your product or service valuable, but how do you get strong, believable testimonials to use on your site?

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Google Analytics and Social Media Metrics

January 18, 2017 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment

 Your social media and website presence should be integrated with one another in order to continuously drive traffic to your website. The next step would then be to measure your efforts so you can improve. Here is a helpful guide. Google Analytics provides you with data to see where your website visitors come from and understand how they maneuver through your site.

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Why is my SEO not working?

January 11, 2017 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment

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7 Things to Be Grateful For in Your Business

November 21, 2016 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment

The turkey has long been a symbol of thanksgiving and abundance and the cornucopia is a symbol of productivity. These symbols of abundance encourage us to honor our sources of nourishment, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. So this season, honor yourself as an entrepreneur and a spirited individual who has overcome much and nourished many. 

There are many things to be grateful for in business and here are our top 7:

A Great Team: not all businesses have huge staffs, but each and every employee always has the chance to make a huge impact on your business.

A Growing List of Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier: there are so many options! So many tasks that can be completely automated!

Your Online Connections: you have access to so many people, influencers and followers in different parts of the world. These people can have a huge impact on your business.

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Dieting + Your Business: 1 Common Principle

November 04, 2016 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment
What does losing weight or healthy eating have to do with marketing your business online?
I just read this article about “9 Ways to Replace Your Bad Habits With Good Ones” and point 6 caught my eye! It is about being aware of your vulnerable times. Is it early in the morning or after a long day at work (when you’re emotionally, physically, or cognitively exhausted) that you feel like your decision-making isn’t the sharpest?
The article reads: “research shows that your willpower reserves are depleted—you just don’t have enough to refrain from snappy statements. When you know you’ll be tired or when you find you’re worn out, put in a structure to support yourself.” This same principle can be applied to your business.

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Getting More Traffic Today

October 13, 2016 by COGO Interactive Leave a Comment

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